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Brief History
The Center for Teaching and Learning is an integral part of the Philippine Normal University, originally Philippine Normal Training Department established in 1905-1906 and first headed by Helen Blue. From 1906 - 1941, it was staffed by American Critic Teachers assisted by selected experienced Filipinos. In 1924, The Laboratory School Building constructed, destroyed during the war, rehabilitated in 1946 - 1948. After the war, administration was turned over to the Filipinos.

The CTL evolved from the former Student Department as a result of the recent restructuring of the Philippine Normal University. As a vital arm of the College of Education, the CTL upholds the paramount vision of the College.

To promote and facilitate the development of professional teachers who are nation builders, upright, competent, evolutionary and dedicated by creating meaningful teaching-learning environment and providing actual pedagogical, research and community experiences to enable prospective teachers to translate theory into practice.
PNU Main Campus in Manila
PNU Main Campus in Manila

1. INSTRUCTION: Quality and Value-Orientedness
  • Provide quality on-campus immersion for prospective teachers through meaningful and value-oriented curriculum.
  • Provide quality basic education aimed at holistic development of children and youth.

2. RESEARCH: Knowledge Generation
  • Initiate relevant researches on teacher education, child study and other related areas.
  • Serve as venue for experiments, try-outs, and other studies conducted by other individuals and groups.

3. EXTENSION: Responsiveness, Relevance and Access
  • Extend assistance to existing community projects.
  • Initiate community-based activities and programs

4. PRODUCTION: Innovation
  • Enhance and harness the creative abilities of faculty and student teachers in the development of teaching-learning materials.
  • Develop innovative teaching strategies for more effective instruction

1. As a training center, CTL provides opportunities for on-campus student teachers to demonstrate their competencies in planning, implementing and evaluating instruction in the preschool, elementary and secondary levels.

2. As a development center, CTL provides preschool education and basic education.

3. As an observation center, CTL demonstrates lessons where education students can adequately observe the practical applications of the theories and principles of teaching and learning.

4. As a demonstration center, CTL is advisable for the whole institution and the field where educators and teachers may present model lessons.

5. As a research center, CTL conducts studies and accomodates researches designed by other centers, departments and colleges.

6. As a creative center, CTL designs and develops innovative teaching-learning tools and pedagogical strategies.

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